Ethics + Integrity + Trust = GlitterBug

There are a plenty of our competitors that will knock each other down to buy your gold. They’ll all say they pay “top dollar” or “highest payouts,” but how do you know? A lot of them will not hesitate to take advantage of all who are uneducated or do not shop around. And when it comes to other gold companies that give you a stipend for refreshments, or pay you a percentage of all the parties that get booked from yours, WHO do you think ends up paying for that? You and your guests do! Everyone has to be paid LESS, so the company can pay you more.

GlitterBug Gold Parties was built on the premise that the owner of the gold should make the most profit, and everyone else involved in the transaction should get a fair and equitable piece of the pie. We are not greedy! Just ask any of our customers or gold buyers and more importantly, look at the shopping comparisons. We frequently send out mystery shoppers to consistently ensure we ALWAYS pay more than our competitors. What would you rather have, a promise…or evidence?

We’ve built our business on TRUST.
We work on a referral basis only.
They’re not just words, we provide you with PROOF we pay out the highest.
Unlike most other companies, our Gold Buyers work on commission. You know your Buyer is taking care of you because the more they pay out to customers…the more money they make themselves.
Our Buyers are trained in the art of event planning. They know exactly what to do to get the highest attendance, so you can make the most Host Cash.