thermometerHost a Gold Party Fundraiser for fast and easy money


No more car washes, hitting up friends and family to buy candy or other overpriced items they don’t want or need, putting on complicated banquets or boutiques!

A gold party fundraiser is a win-win for everyone. When was the last time your contributor LEFT with money after donating? Not only do donors and organization not have to spend a dime, but they get paid instead. GlitterBug pays everyone for their old gold and pays your organization a commission anywhere from 10% and 20% of all the transactions.


What you provide: Donors with gold to sell What GlitterBug provides:

Promotional materials (including customized graphic design if necessary)
Setup assistance
Planning expertise
New ideas and support
We’ll even speak at your meeting and educate your members if that will be of help to you.
Remember, GlitterBug Gold Parties and our Gold Buyers work on commission only, and not profit.  We only make money if your organization makes money!
Youth sports teams (baseball, football, gymnastics, swim, etc)
Schools (including various clubs and programs)
Dance teams
Pep squads
School trips
Church or religious groups
Performing arts groups
Women’s clubs
Charitable foundations
Medical associations (breast cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, etc.)


We have worked with hundreds of organizations over the years and can provide you with all the references you need to make a wise decision.

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