Pull the Plug

Want to put a thousand bucks back into your wallet in 2014? If you’re paying around $100 per month now for cable or satellite TV, pulling that plug would more than do it – and without leaving you high and dry for TV entertainment.

To many, pulling the plug might feel extreme and seem out of the realm of possibility, but it’s truly liberating and actually exciting to get TV for FREE…the way it used to be. Box up that DVR and the remotes and return it to sender. Call your programming provider and say “Asta la vista baby!”

You can still get all the local free broadcast channels, access to movies, TV and sports (live and otherwise), online content as well as an audio feed for cable news channels.

If this idea intrigues you, here are the steps for pulling the plug!


In today’s digital world with the […]

GlitterBug will convert your “stuff” you no longer want or need…into CASH

soldThe Problem

You own items of value that you don’t need or want anymore. Things like gently used designer items, collectibles, antiques, andso on. They’re cluttering up your garage, your closet, or your life. You don’t want to donate them because they’re worth money. You can’t sell them at a yard sale because you won’t get what they’re worth. You could post them on Craig’s List, but don’t want to deal with strangers. eBay might work, but you don’t have a seller’s account, a history, nor the knowledge to do it successfully.

The Solution

Call GlitterBug! We’ll collect your items, take care of ALL the details, liquidate them through combined online and live auction, and the bestpart – send you a check in the mail!
What GlitterBug does for you:

  • Picks your items up
  • Auctions them off LIVE to the highest bidder
  • Ships them to our auction partner at […]

Do the stately domes in our capitols have REAL gold on them?

Do the stately domes in our capitols have REAL gold on them?Buildings represent the ability of people to create their own space separate from the outer environment and represent security, safety and permanence. Domes within buildings are often used to demonstrate freedom, pursuit of higher ideals, and equity. The structures are free from apparent support, lift the eye upward, and appear equally pleasing from all points below. Tie in gold plating on the exterior bringing value and beauty, and the perfect symbolism for government structures results.

The most influential dome in Western architecture dates back to the Ancient Romans. The Pantheon, completed in 126 AD, is the oldest public building in continuous use. Since the 7th century it has been a Catholic Church. Domes have continued to be an architectural favorite for much of the world with variations from the perfect half sphere to […]

3 Reasons Why Diamonds Are So Expensive

3 Reasons Why Diamonds Are So ExpensiveWhy not offer synthetic diamonds for the same size, but half the price? Will the average Joe know the difference? Probably not. It is safe to say that the De Beers marketing campaign has got to be what the most persuasive marketing scheme ever!

There are three main reasons diamonds are so expensive:

1. Diamonds are historical

Diamonds have been used by many people worldwide to store and transport wealth across geographies and generations, especially people who have been persecuted throughout history and forced to migrate against their will. For instance, there are many stories in pre-WWII Nazi Germany of Jewish families trading family assets through diamonds because they were easy to conceal. (There’s actually a scene in Schindler’s List that shows some family members hiding diamonds in a loaf of bread.)

2. Diamonds are emotional, and closely tied to marketing

The […]

Holiday Gold

This time of year is holy to many.  Have you ever wondered why so many religious buildings and sacred sites use GOLD to adorn their structures?  Gold represented not only beauty, rarity, and value but also sacrifice of the people who built the religious spaces. To incorporate gold into their structures meant taking resources away from their private lives. Because of the sacrificial nature of the gift, to use gold in the construction of an idol was insulting. The family resources would have been devoted to a false belief.

Gold is frequently mentioned in the scriptures of the three world religions that came from the Mideast. Moses discovered a golden calf being molded and worshipped during the time he was receiving the Ten Commandments. Jesus was welcomed by the foreign wise men with a gift of gold. The second […]

Thanksgiving Gold

The young woman was restless as she lay down to sleep. The wind was blowing the snow through the cracks of her cabin while the high pitched cries of some wild animal bounced off the walls. She had lost ten pounds since moving to this lonely place and never felt quite warm. She listened to the sound of her young husband snoring and wondered that the children could sleep so peacefully.

What was that sound now? It almost sounded like someone knocking. Who could that be?

The woman crept out of her bed and tried to peer through the chinks in the door. It was the woman, a girl really – a native. They had bumped into each other that afternoon, while each was getting water from the creek. They both were startled but soon realized that neither one meant the other harm. They had smiled […]

When All That Glitters…is NOT Gold

There are many terms thrown around the jewelry industry. One you see often when shopping for jewelry is “gold plated.” As a consumer, you should know what, exactly, you are buying. There are many types of plating, but no matter which way you look at it, anything that’s gold plated (or sometimes called “gold filled”)…is not worth anything.  Depending upon the type of jewelry (and the price), plating may be heavy or micro thin, but with the advanced state of technology, there’s never much gold on these pieces. They are practically worthless, and here’s why.

Gold wash – This type of plating is…well, cheap. It’s super thin, ½ micron at best. For comparison, a micron is 1 millionth of an inch. In other words, REALLY thin.  In fact, this plating is so thin that the gold wears off easily. Usually only found on costume jewelry, there aren’t any […]

Small Business is the Right Business

Have you ever heard of “Small Business Saturday”?  I never did before a couple of years ago, but I’ve been a fan ever since.  It’s a national day created by American Express to encourage people to support their local small businesses instead of the big guys – the mega giants such as Best Buy, Staples, Denny’s, Ralphs Supermarket, Macy’s and the like.  And we certainly can’t leave out Wal-Mart.  Their international empire has wiped out many a small business because the little guys just can’t compete.

Whenever possible, I try to shop from the small businesses in my community.  It is important to me because I AM a small business.  I know firsthand how hard and expensive it is to keep a small business going.  The costs are all outrageous, and everything adds up quickly, especially here in California.  The list of products & […]

Why Colored Diamonds Cost Serious Cash

You might think that the brilliant white diamond is the most prized because if its beauty. In most cases, you would be right.

But much rarer and more coveted are the naturally created colored diamonds. The Hope Diamond is probably the most famous of the colored diamonds. Its soft blue hue has wooed many, including the thief who originally stole it from an idol in India, which is (as the story goes) where the curse began. To say his ending really tore him up is an understatement. He got torn up by wild dogs. Legend has it that anyone who wore, or even touched the diamond was cursed. Good thing it’s now housed in a museum where no one will get the curse!

Oops. I digress. Colored diamonds, known as “fancy” diamonds in the industry, can be found in colors that span the palette […]

Why India Loves Gold

Why India Loves GoldIndia has a love affair with gold, and it goes beyond buying small “pretties” to adorn the body. In India, the dream is to acquire gold – and as much of it – as you can afford. For there, gold isn’t merely a component of jewelry, it’s a wearable display of riches.

Gold has always played a role in Indian society; there is even a Hindu God dedicated to wealth and prosperity (among other things) called Lakshmi. One day each year is dedicated to Lakshmi. Hindus are taught that buying gold on that day will result in prosperity for the buyer. Gold buying one day before or one day after won’t have the same outcome.

Effect on World Gold Market

India’s demand for gold is so high that they represent 32 percent of the total world gold market. That’s a lot of jewelry […]