April Allison is the Founder & CEO of GlitterBug Gold Parties. You may be surprised to know that GlitterBug is just one of her companies. In the past 14 years she has created and built two multi-million dollar businesses from scratch.

April has worked in all areas of her companies and done literally everything at one time or another. She’s not some CEO that sits in a fancy office dictating orders, she works on both businesses on a daily basis and is the driving force behind our GlitterBug team. April realizes that the ultimate success of GlitterBug depends not just on the skill and knowledge of the staff, but their passion, heart and commitment to excellence. Like a true entreprenuer, she is never satisfied with the status quo, but always looking for ways to improve.

Not only are we experts at hosting home events and fundraisers here at GlitterBug, we are dedicated to providing our customers and Hosts with the best possible experience. Honor and integrity is an integral part of what we do each and every day, and we want you and your guests to feel at ease. No tricks, no gimmicks. In the gold business, trust is paramount and we never put our reputation in jeopardy. If you have any hesitations in either hosting or attending one of our events, we are happy to provide you with plenty of references.

All our Representatives have been professionally screened, trained and certified to purchase precious metals. They all use standardized professional gold testing equipment. Testing is performed in front of the guest, and education on procedures is provided upon request. We also give detailed receipts to our customers.